Reasons To Have Carpet In Your Primary Bedroom

Posted on: 6 December 2021

If you're thinking about making some changes to the flooring in your home, one room that you'll likely want to evaluate is your primary bedroom. You start and end each day in this room, so having the right flooring is ideal. Many people have either hardwood or carpet in their primary bedroom, and while there are advantages of hardwood, you may wish to lean toward choosing carpet. A local carpet store will have all sorts of products that will match your primary bedroom's existing look. Or, if you're considering a full remodel, you can choose your favorite carpet and then buy linens and decorative elements that will match it. Here are some reasons to have carpet in your primary bedroom.

Soft Underfoot

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose carpet for this room is the comfort that it will provide underfoot. While you might wear slippers when you're going around your house during the day, there's a good chance that you'll be in bare feet when you're in your bedroom — particularly first thing in the morning and again at night before you get into bed. It's a nice feeling to have carpet under your bare feet, which makes this type of flooring a good idea in your primary bedroom.

Not As Cold

In the winter, hardwood floor can feel cold underfoot. While it might not always feel as cold as tile flooring, it can still be a shock when you swing your feet over the edge of the bed and set them down on a hardwood floor. If you don't like the feeling of having cold feet, carpet can be a better choice for your primary bedroom floor because it won't feel nearly as cold as hardwood. This can especially be desirable when you get up in the night to use the bathroom, as you won't have to worry about your feet being cold and perhaps keeping you awake.

Prevents Bed Movement

If you've ever had your bed on a hardwood floor, you've likely experienced some movement with this piece of furniture because of the slick nature of the floor. For example, if you drop down onto the bed too quickly at the end of a long day, you might actually feel the bed slide a little beneath you. Over time, the bed can move enough that you need to push it back to the position where you want it — something that can be a hassle. This type of bed movement is far less likely to occur when you have carpet in the primary bedroom, as it's not nearly as slick of a surface as hardwood.

Reach out to a carpet installation professional near you for more information.