Sell These Items at a Pawn Shop Following Your Divorce

Posted on: 27 July 2021

When you're going through a divorce, it's common to want to get rid of certain items. Items that remind you of your former spouse will likely have no place in your life going forward, especially if the nature of the divorce is particularly painful. A good option to consider is assembling a selection of items that have value and taking them to a local pawn shop to sell. Doing so not only allows you to remove these things from your life but will also leave you with some extra money in your pocket to help with some of the costs of the divorce. Here are some things that are common to sell in this situation.


While there are some people who keep their engagement and wedding rings after a divorce, you might decide that you no longer want these items in your possession. Most pawn shops have an extensive selection of jewelry, including rings, so you shouldn't have trouble selling your jewelry to the shop. Engagement and wedding rings can often be expensive, and there may be no point in keeping this expensive jewelry tucked away in your dresser for years to come. Think about what other jewelry you have, too. If your former spouse bought you other pieces over the years, you may wish to part with them as well.

Wedding Gifts

If you weren't married for too long, some of the gifts that you got for your wedding may still retain some value and be worth taking to a local pawn shop. In many cases, both people will divide up the gifts during a divorce, but you don't have to keep your share of these items. Small appliances that you didn't use much, such as a stand mixer or a bread maker, can have value to a pawn shop.

Hobby Items

Often, couples will decide to get into certain hobbies together. If you and your former spouse explored a few hobbies when you were married, you may have a selection of equipment from these hobbies. While you might wish to continue one or more of these hobbies in this next phase of your life, you may also feel as though doing so could be too painful. In this situation, your best course of action could be to get rid of any of the hobby-related equipment. For example, if you both bought mountain bikes to ride together, you can easily sell your mountain bike to a local pawnshop.

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