A Fun Project That Will Transform A Plain Lamp Shade Into One That Is Coastal-Themed

Posted on: 29 April 2020

Coastal decorating often involves using shells, starfish, and ocean scenery to transform a residence into a welcoming retreat. Even if you do not live near the sea, you can transform your personal desk space into a scenic escape. Complete a fun lampshade project that will assist with creating a focal point that the other decor can surround. 

Use Your Souvenirs Or Purchase New Pieces

Decorating a lampshade may be something that you haven't contemplated before, but think about how much you utilize lighting inside of your office and you will realize how some small upgrades to the existing lampshade can change the whole area where you complete your office duties. If you tend to visit the beach over the summer and have quite an extensive seashell, sand dollar, or starfish collection, these items can be used to dress up the outer part of an existing shade.

If you don't own many pieces but are still allured by the beauty of shells and other relics that are often found along the beach, purchase a basket or a bowl of assorted shells, flat rocks, and sand dollars and use these as the main decorative components. If you want to use a somewhat whimsical approach to decorate the lampshade, use stencils, paint, glue, and googly eyes to create sea creatures. Both real seaside decorations and homemade ones can be used to upgrade the shade.

Apply The Paint, Paper, And Decor

If you would like to change the color of the shade, so that it is more symbolic of an ocean theme, use painter's tape to cover the hardware on the shade and apply spray paint across the shade's exterior. Wallpaper that contains an ocean theme can be used to cover the interior side of the shade. Choose paper that will complement the color that you applied to the shade's exterior. Use a glue gun to apply hot glue to the backside of the paper.

Smooth out the paper so that it does not contain any wrinkles. After painting the shade and applying paper to its underside, get ready to secure the decorations to the exterior side of the shade. Sort through the natural items that you purchased or found and apply glue to the backside of any shell, rock, sand dollar, or starfish that you will be securing to the shade.

Use stencils to create sea creatures and apply paint to the center of each outline. Use hot glue to secure googly eyes to the decorations. Fill a small decorative bowl with any other ocean-themed items that you would like to display on your desk, and hang a couple of ocean-themed prints behind your desk.

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