3 Fun Ways To Personalize A Sports Jersey

Posted on: 27 August 2019

Not all sports jerseys are for professional sports teams. You can have a custom sports jersey made for your bowling league team, for your local softball team, or for the walkathon that you plan on participating in. When it comes to creating sports jerseys for recreational leagues, make sure you have some fun with the jersey.

Commission a Custom Logo

Make your jersey more personal by adding a custom logo to your jersey. Once your team comes up with a team name, you are going to want to create a custom logo. There are lots of free tools you can use online to create a unique custom logo, or you can use a website like Fiver to find an affordable graphic designer to create a unique logo for your jersey.

By making or commissioning someone to make a logo for your jersey, you will ensure that your jersey is different from the jerseys of everyone else in the league. You will ensure that your jersey is unique and personal. Luckily, there are tools for connecting you with people who can design a fun logo, so this doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor.

Add an Inspirational Message

Who says your sports jersey has to be all about the visual elements? Add an inspirational message to the front of your jersey. The world can use some positivity and adding an inspirational message will help keep your own team focused on having fun when you get together. Adding an inspirational message to your jersey can also impact the people you play against and those who watch your gameplay or event.

You can add an inspirational message to the front of your jersey, or you can put it across the back of your jersey. When you add an inspirational message, make sure you choose a font, font size, and color that are easy to read in relation to the other colors on your jersey.

Promote Your Non-Profit

If your team is united around a non-profit and you want to bring awareness to it, you can promote the name of your non-profit on your jersey. Most people put paid sponsorships on their jerseys; however, you can use the space on your jersey to bring awareness to a non-profit instead. Adding the name of a non-profit you believe in and want other people to know about is an easy way to modify your jersey.

If you are in charge of creating your jersey for your recreational sports team or special event, have some fun designing and creating a personal custom jersey with a unique logo, an inspirational message, and the name of your favorite non-profit.

For more information about purpose motivational jerseys, contact a local retailer.