4 Tips To Help Collect, Sort, And Sell Precious Metals Like Gold And Silver For Cash

Posted on: 10 May 2019

Precious metals like gold and silver come in many different forms that you can sell for cash. The simplest way to get cash is with gold jewelry, but precious metals can also be found in other materials. The following tips will help you with collecting, sorting, and selling precious metals to put a little extra cash in your pocket:

1. Collecting and Sorting Gold Jewelry According to Its Purity Before Selling It

The jewelry that you have collected over the years may be just collecting dust. Since the value of gold has been on the rise, the value of these pieces has also gone up. Organize these materials according to the darkness and color of the gold. Make two separate piles with lighter and darker metal. The darker materials will be the purest and the lighter-colored gold will be less pure and less valuable.

2. Retrieving Gold from Plated Jewelry and Other Resources with High Gold Content

Not all of your jewelry may be solid gold materials; some of it may just be other metals with gold plating. To get more for the materials, you will want to recover the plating from the pieces. You can also recover gold from other materials like old electronic circuit boards and parts. The easiest way to recover gold plating is to use an acid, which will also require using safety gear to avoid hazard and personal injury.

3. Finding and Sorting Silver Materials That Can Be Sold with Gold for Extra Cash

Jewelry and gold are not the only precious metals that you will want to sell for extra money. Silver is another precious metal that can be found in jewelry, silverware, and other materials. Look for old tableware and kitchenware that is well tarnished, which is a sign that it contains silver and may be very valuable.

4. Knowing Where to Look for Precious Materials in Equipment and Sorting It to Sell

There are also many areas where you can look for precious metals, which are often in equipment like electrical systems. Look for materials like gold and silver connections that are often used in electrical circuit designs. In addition, metals like platinum and silver that are in different mechanical parts.

These are some tips to help with collecting, sorting, and selling precious metals. If you are ready to put some money in your pockets, contact a cash-for-gold service to get paid for the metals you have collected.