3 Things To Consider When Deciding Where To Send Funeral Flowers

Posted on: 25 March 2019

Sending an arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers is an excellent way to show someone who has lost a loved one that you are thinking of them. When it's time to send flowers, one detail that you'll need to decide on beforehand is where you want to send the arrangement. Keep these things in mind when deciding where the flowers should go.

1. Your Plans for the Flowers

Your plans for the flowers will dictate whether they should go to the bereaved's home or the funeral home. If you want to send a flower arrangement as an expression of sympathy, it's more appropriate that you send these flowers to the bereaved's home.

However, if you want the flowers to appear at the funeral or final arrangements for the deceased, it's better to send the flowers directly to the funeral home or church. Floral arrangements intended for display at funerals tend to be large so that they are easily seen from across the room during the services. It wouldn't be practical to expect the bereaved to transport the flowers to their loved one's services.

2. The Final Arrangements for the Deceased

Sometimes, the family members of the deceased may prefer to keep the details of their loved ones final arrangements private. Or, they may not reveal the details until after the service is complete. In this case, it's fine to send the flowers to the bereaved's home. If you had plans for an arrangement typically used during funerals, like a wreath or standing spray, ask the florist if they can convert the arrangement into something more suited for an individual's home.

It's also possible that the deceased's family may plan a memorial service for a later date and host a graveside service for their loved one's burial. Though you typically can't ship flowers to the cemetery, it is possible to ship the flowers to the funeral home handling the arrangements. The funeral home can then transfer the arrangement to the cemetery, making sure that it isn't damaged while in transit.

3. What Items You Want to Include in the Flower Arrangement

Traditionally, arrangements used for the funeral tend to consist solely of flowers. They don't incorporate stuffed animals, potted plants, baskets, or other decorative items into the design. If you prefer a piece that utilizes these items, it's best to send it the bereaved's home. This makes it easier for the bereaved to keep track of the non-floral items in the arrangement so that they can keep them. 

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