Are You Making Changes in Your Master Bedroom? Follow These Tips

Posted on: 29 January 2019

Have you decided to take advantage of after-Christmas sales in order to make some changes in your master bedroom? Perhaps you love the furniture that is already present in your bedroom, but you know it's time to change the bedding and to give the room a new look. With that in mind, read on for some helpful hints.

Start With Custom Thickness Pillows: Be honest with yourself. Are you still using the same bed pillows you bought for a cheap price when you were on a tight budget? When you think about it, your pillows are more than likely the difference between a good night's sleep and a poor night's sleep. Have you ever thought of ordering custom thickness pillows? If you have a queen-size bed, of course, queen size pillows will be perfect for that.

If you have a king mattress, the queen-size pillows might still be your best bet. By buying the smaller pillows for a king-size bed, you will probably have the space to place three pillows across the top of the bed instead of just two king-sized ones. That will mean that you can stack them for reading before you go to sleep or for relaxing while doing things like looking through catalogs.

It's true that custom thickness queen-size pillows are more than likely going to be quite a bit more expensive than regular pillows are. However, when you understand the construction of the pillows, you'll understand why they're so great. When you order your custom thickness pillows, you'll probably be asked to tell the manufacturer about your sleep habits. That will help them to know which design is best for you. Besides a foam insert, there will be a plush cover that will add the softness that you love, allowing you to change height and density of the pillow. A polyethylene material will probably be used to keep your pillow cool all night.

Change The Look: Besides trading your old pillows in for new quality ones that are designed especially for you and your partner, consider other ways you can make changes in your bedroom. For example, do you need a new bedspread? If you like the bedspread you are already using, maybe you can add some pretty throw pillows to soften the look in your room and to add personality to the room. 

Another consideration is to not have a bedspread at all. Think of hotels you've visited recently. Were they beautifully made up with only a strip of fabric at the bottom to add interest to the bedroom setting? Consider doing that same thing yourself, except instead of using just a strip of fabric across the bottom of the bed, fold a light blanket or a quilt at the bottom. Not only will it make the bedroom look pretty but you can also pull it up when you get chilly and need an extra cover.