Three Helpful Tips To Manage Fashion Box Subscriptions

Posted on: 3 August 2018

Fashion subscription boxes, such as from L.V. Kiki, bring the latest styles and trends to your doorstep, but knowing how to manage these subscriptions can prevent you from getting more than you bargained for. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to manage your subscriptions.

Know The Billing Date

Many subscriptions come with the option to skip a month, but you'll need to remember to skip by a certain date to avoid being charged when you aren't in the mood to buy. Consider setting up alerts in a laptop or smartphone calendar to remind you when the billing date is for each subscription. By knowing when you'll be charged, you can cancel or skip before you end up paying for items you don't want. This is a smart practice if your budget is tight or if you have unexpected expenses come up.

Be Honest With Sizing

Whether it's sizing for clothing or shoes, it's important to let the subscription service know exactly which sizes fit you. If you round down, you may end up with monthly boxes filled with items that simply won't work for you. Take the time to review sizing charts, and read online reviews as well. Other shoppers may be able to provide insight about how the sizes run. Some companies may sell products that are true to size, while others may offer apparel and accessories that run large or small. Knowing this in advance can help ensure your clothes fit perfectly every month.

Choose More Than One Subscription

There are many different subscription services available, and you don't have to limit yourself to just one. Try a few out, and consider separate subscriptions for shoes, clothing, and accessories. You may find that several boxes coming to you each month provide the selection and styles you like best. Remember to cancel any plans that don't meet your needs, and keep looking for new options. You might even be able to choose multiple subscriptions from the same company, which means better color and style matches for shoes, jewelry, accessories, and apparel.

When you sign up for a fashion subscription, take the time to answer any and all questionnaires that are provided. This gives the service a unique look at your personal style preferences, sizes, and color choices. By providing the best possible information, you have a better chance of receiving perfectly curated boxes that speak to your own unique sense of style each and every month.