Four Tips For Choosing The Right Printer

Posted on: 4 April 2018

Buying a colored printer for home use should be pretty simple, right? That's what most people assume when they walk into a store, but they soon find out otherwise. There are many different styles and types of printers on the market today, and finding the perfect one to meet your needs is not always easy. Here are four tips to help you choose a printer that truly meets your needs.

1. Check into operating system compatibility.

Some operating systems do not support certain brands of colored printers. The Linux operating system, for example, does not support a couple of common printer brands. You can usually find out what brands of printers your particular OS supports with a quick search of the OS company's website. Your OS company may even recommend certain brands of printers due to their increased compatibility. In this case, these are the brands you should stick to.

2. Ask yourself what services you need the printer to perform.

There are basic printers that network with your computer to print out files from that computer. Then, there are printers that can also scan and print items from a memory card. Ask yourself how you plan on printing. If you'll only be printing from a computer, then a very basic printer may fit the bill. But in most cases, you're better off with a scanner/printer because it will allow you to make quick copies of something without having to also turn on your computer.

3. How much are you willing to pay for print cartridges?

If you won't be printing very often, and therefore don't mind spending a little more when you do buy printer cartridge, an ink jet printer may be the smarter choice. These printers are cheaper from the onset, but more expensive to keep supplied with ink. If you plan on printing a lot, on the other hand, opt for a laser printer. They cost more, but you don't have to re-fill them with color very often.

4. Make sure it is network enabled.

These days, nobody wants to have to drag out a cord and connect their laptop physically to the printer in order to print. So, make sure the printer you choose is "network enabled" and "WiFi compatible." This means you can connect to it wirelessly over your home network, and also that you can use multiple devices in your home network to communicate with the printer -- all without cords.

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