3 Baby Costume Ideas For Your Baby's First Halloween

Posted on: 22 June 2015

It is never too early to start planning for your baby's first Halloween costume. Whether you buy or make your baby's Halloween costume, you want it to be comfortable, cute, and safe. Here are three infant costume ideas you can make with some simple supplies and accessories.


There are several reasons swaddling your baby is good for them. One reason to swaddle your baby is to help them sleep better and longer. The feeling of their arms and legs being held tight helps them feel secure because it is like their environment in the womb. 

This butterfly costume uses a swaddling baby wrap to turn your baby into the body of a butterfly. The swaddling wrap covers your baby's feet and wraps around their torso, keeping their arms and hands inside the wrap. Your baby's head will remain outside the swaddling baby wrap, so put a black newborn hat on their head and an antenna headband over the hat. Because it may be difficult to find a black baby wrap for sale, you can buy a white or pastel colored one and dye it black with fabric dye. Get a set of colorful butterfly costume wings and attach them with safety pins to the back of your baby's swaddler.


Your baby should wear a safe costume without small parts and cords, such as this octopus costume. This is to help prevent choking and strangulation, two of the most common childhood accidents.

For this infant octopus costume, you will need four pairs of infant-sized tights to fit your baby, all in the same print or color. Then, select a onesie for your baby to wear, and a stocking cap that will fit your baby. You will also need one or two bags of polyester stuffing and black and white fabric paint.

Stuff the legs of three pairs of tights with polyester stuffing, then stitch across the top of the legs to enclose the stuffing. Sew all three sets of tights together in a row by the waist of the tights to make legs for the octopus. Then, sew the three sets of stuffed tights onto the right and left side of the waist band of the extra tights. 

Use the fabric glue to draw two octopus eyes on the top of the stocking cap. To make these, outline and color in a black two-inch circle for an eye, then color in a smaller white circle inside the black circle for the pupil. Repeat this for the second eye, then let the paint dry overnight.

Put your baby in the onesie, then into the pair of extra tights, with the stuffed tights positioned behind your baby. Place the hat on your baby's head.

Popcorn Bag

This infant costume gives you the convenience of carrying your baby in a baby carrier. To make this costume, you will need a baby carrier that holds your baby in front of you, and some red and white-striped fabric to wrap around the front of the baby carrier. You will need a long enough piece that will cover the entire carrier, but will leave your baby's head visible. You will also need a white stocking hat that will fit your baby, some popcorn, and a hot glue gun. For your carnival worker costume, you will need black pants, a white button-down shirt, and a red bow tie. 

  1. To measure for the fabric, put your baby in the carrier and measure horizontally around the front of your baby in the carrier, and from their neck to below their feet. This will determine the size of fabric to buy. 
  2. Cut the fabric so the stripes run vertically and the top edge of fabric is trimmed in a zig-zag pattern.
  3. Hot glue the fabric onto the outside of the baby carrier, while your baby is not inside.
  4. Glue popcorn over the top of your baby's stocking hat.
  5. Place your baby inside the popcorn-bag carrier and place the hat on their head.

Use these three ideas to make a safe, but comfortable costume for your baby.