Know Before You Buy: The Components Of An E-Cigarette

Posted on: 7 April 2015

The past few years has brought a spike in the popularity of the use of electronic cigarettes, commonly known by e-cigarette users as vaping. Many smokers choose to vape alongside smoking, or replace smoking with vaping entirely. Vaping is appealing due to its relatively low cost, lack of pungent odors, null effect on the lungs, and the variety of flavors of e-juice, the nicotine concoction that is "smoked", that you can choose to put in your e-cigarette. If you have thought about picking up an e-cigarette, you are probably overwhelmed by all the components and accessories needed for a complete e-cigarette package. Here, in easy to understand terms, are the main and most important parts you will need when you go out to put together and purchase your first e-cigarette. 

The Battery Base

Each e-cigarette needs to vaporize the nicotine liquid to produce that ever-satisfying water vapor, and this is done by a battery base. The batter base is typically composed of a lithium-ion battery is rechargeable. Battery bases are standard on all e-cigarettes, though some e-cigarettes are marketed as disposable and contain a battery base that cannot be recharged or removed. 

The Atomizer

The atomizer also aids in producing that puff of "smoke" when you take a drag on your e-cigarette. When you take a puff on your e-cig, the juice passes through the atomizer. The battery base works to heat the atomizer, and when the juice is heated it converts it from a liquid to a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled and exhaled. Atomizers are not permanent and must be replaced when they run their course. Unfortunately, there is not hard and fast rule for how often you must replace your atomizer. It will depend on the type of atomizer, as well as how you use your e-cigarette. If your vape cloud seems diminished, or when you taste a slight burnt flavor when you take a drag of your e-cigarette, you most likely to switch out your atomizer. 

The Juice

Without juice, you have no way to smoke your e-cigarette. If you purchase a smaller e-cigarette, the juice will be contained within the atomizer cartridge, which is disposable. If the juice runs out, as well as if the atomizer dies, you have to throw it away and replace it. For larger e-cigarettes with tanks, e-juice is purchased in a small dropper bottle, with which you fill the tank.

E-juices come in a huge amount of flavors, ranging from the sickly sweet cotton candy and bubble gum, to the more earthy clove and cinnamon. There are a wide range of juice flavors in-between, which means you will be certain to find a flavor that appeals to your pallet. E-juice can be made at home, though most people prefer to purchase it from a smoke shop. E-juice also comes in a variety of different nicotine levels. You can purchase e-juice that has 36mg of nicotine, 24mg, 12mg, 6mg, and even 0. Many people start out with higher nicotine levels, and then gradually taper to a lower level over time. 

The Tank

Smaller e-cigarettes do not feature a tank, instead housing the juice in the atomizer. Tanks, when needed, attach to the battery base and give you a place to put your e-juice. Tanks also house the atomizer on the larger models and feature a place where you can attach your mouthpiece. 

The more expensive tanks have small air vent holes along the base. You select the size of the vent depending on the amount of resistance you wish to feel when inhaling. Some users note that when you opt for a larger vent hole, the hit of the e-juice is a bit less harsh. 

Knowing each part of an e-cigarette and how they work together will help you when the time comes for you to purchase an e-cigarette and start your alternative smoking lifestyle. Whether you want to quit smoking, or just want a smoking alternative for when you can't grab a cigarette, electronic cigarettes are right for you.